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A few days ago I started applying the techniques which I learned in the Digital Marketing course from Lowercase Academy. This week I will be sorting out my websites meta data on the search engine optimization side of thins. First, here is an overview of what I did last week in the Search Engine Optimization: Getting my website ready post:

  • Sorting out the links and navigation following the best practices taught in the course.
  • Working on the URL’s.
  • Working on the sitemaps and images.

After applying the changes, I gave it a couple of days and checked the rankings of my website. The rankings by keyword as they currently stand are as follows:

Current Page Rank

0 / 10

Current position on Google

KeywordRank on Google
JJ Prinsloo17
SQL Expert132


Next I will be continuing the optimization of my website by performing the following changes:

  • I will be installing an SEO WordPress plugin which the course recommends.
  • I will be optimizing my website by adding some additional information on my pages and posts which can be used by search engines to better index the website.
  • I will be signing up for a 30 day trial to an online SEO platform which should help me to further analyze and optimize my website. Unfortunately I will not be signing up to the one that the course recommends as it asks for credit card details which I am not willing to supply when signing up for a trial. I have only heard good ratings about the one I am signing up to though.

On a closer analysis it does not really seem like my websites rankings have changed all that much after the first round of changes which is somewhat expected. The big changes are only being made in the next couple of days although I have no doubt that the changes I already did make will certainly contribute to the effort.

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