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Recently, I completed the Digital Marketing course by Lowercase Academy which focused around digital marketing and search engine optimization. I don’t want to get into detail about how I felt about the course yet as I will be doing an in depth review at a later stage. What I can say, though, is that I definitely learned a few things from this course which definitely sparked my interest in one way or another.

The time has now come where I will start to apply the techniques that were taught in the course to my own websites, test them out and see the results.

In today’s article I will be discussing the first part of what the course teaches which I dubbed “Getting your house in order” meaning to sort out the basics on your website which might affect your websites rankings.


Please note that this course is a paid service and I will not be going into any details regarding what it is that I have learned from this course or explicitly how to apply the techniques to your own website. Doing so will be highly immoral and unfair to the creator of the content and plainly I will just be a jerk if I do so. This series of articles which is based on this course, is simply for you to follow along. What we are trying to accomplish is to apply the techniques and see what the results are and how they affect our sites rankings. In short, apart from a high level scope of what we are doing, there won’t be any details.

As mentioned before, today’s scope is to get our websites basics right before we continue with any funky SEO implementations.

Firstly, I would like to mention that this website was built in WordPress and I will be applying all the techniques which I learned from the course to this website.

Some of the tasks I will be doing on my site:

  • Sorting out the links and navigation following the best practices taught in the course
  • Working on the URL’s
  • Working on the sitemaps and images

I will be working on these changes in the next day to get them sorted out. Next week we will check the page ranking again. Sign up for my newsletter to follow along with this series and see how these changes affect my website.

In future articles I will be adding the current website status on the search engines at the top of the articles in the following way:

Current Page Rank

0 / 10

Current position on Google

KeywordRank on Google
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SQL Expert132



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