• Project MIHA

    The Media Intgrated Home Automation system built on Raspberry Pi.

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About MIHA

MIHA, short for Media Integrated Home Automation system, is a smart home system which I am building using the Raspberry Pi, various electronics components such as the ESP8266 wifi module and open source software. MIHA will be able to control various aspects of my home such as lights, irrigation systems and more. One of the objectives with MIAH is to control her using various mechanisms such as web interfaces and wall panels, smart phones as well as with voice using the Amazon Alexa service.

On the media front, MIAH will also serve as a complete media center entertainment system with zone control, as well as integrate with external devices such as my PS4 console. Let’s see how we can bring Ambilight and game play on the PS4 together. If something happens in the game, can I perform a home automation task such as change the color of an external light? This should get interesting!

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