Joachim J Prinsloo

Hi, my name is JJ Prinsloo. I am a young, passionate and innovative guy with an obsession for learning new things, figuring out how the world works and taking on new challenges. I work well within teams collaborating to solve problems, produce new fresh and innovative ideas or solo where I can pop my headphones on and do what I do best.

Early life

On Thursday morning, 21 July 1988, I was born into the wonderful world that we live in. I think I still remember hearing “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” by Glenn Medeiros , which was in the top 5 hits in the UK on that day, on the drive home from the hospital. (I’m kidding of course.)

I had a pretty normal childhood with loving parents and there’s not much to tell which is out of the ordinary except that I attended High School from 2001 to 2006 when I graduated matric from Hoërskool Dr. EG Jansen. A well-known high school in Boksburg, South Africa.

What I do with my time

Private time

I like to spend my nights working on different projects getting my fix in for things I don’t do at work. Designing websites, writing mobile apps for Android (iOS coming soon), creating and editing videos and working on various electronics projects.

At the moment I am actively working on a couple of projects that I am designing around the Raspberry Pi.

Smartbooth Photobooth

The Smartbooth Photobooth is exactly what it sounds like. A smart, internet connected photo booth that takes pictures of you and your friends at a party and prints out photo strips.

I am looking at open sourcing the code of the photo booth in the next couple of months.

The photo booth has been in development for over a year and this has been an incredible adventure with its own set of headaches, highs and lows.

MIHA – Media Integrated Home Automation system

The MIHA (pronounced Mia) system comprises of an OSMC (you guessed it, Raspberry Pi) media centre, an open source Home Assistant setup and various switches all seamlessly working together to automate my home.

The MIHA system will be able to control the lighting in my home, control the media as well as be controllable using the Amazon Alexa voice service. Hyperion is also planned for this system which I will be extending to my PS4 console which will activate certain lighting effects based on events that happen in the game you are playing.

As a side project I am authoring an eBook which I plan to release around the subject of building the MIHA system.

Family time

Family time is very important to me and this is where the rest of my time is utilized. Even though we don’t have kids, whenever my wife and I have a “do nothing” moment (which is usually fabricated with a couple of excuses as to why we cannot do anything – we like to make time for each other) we like to go to new restaurants, laze about on the couch or just pop out for a milkshake.

My lovely wife

JJ Prinsloo & Tiffany Prinsloo

I have to first of all state what a lucky guy I am. I know it is probably a cliché but nevertheless I have a wonderful supportive wife who is always rooting for me and standing firmly behind me in everything I do. She never gets angry about the hours I put in at work and she completely understands why this is being done. As an added bonus, she never gets mad when her kitchen counter looks like an electronics workshop for days on end. For that I want to thank her.

Tiffany Prinsloo is a highly skilled graphic designer who assists me with most of the graphic design and arty tasks of all my projects. She does incredible work and I can always count on her to make anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All of my projects has turned out amazing with great user friendliness and beauty thanks to her. See the logos on this website? Yep.

Our comings & goings

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